Do you need an Elasticsearch Expert?

CDAX provides experience, knowledge, and passion for:

Data Ingestion by Beats and custom Shippers in Python and Go

Data Ingestion by Logstash

Design, Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance of your Elasticsearch clusters

API Development in Kotlin/Spring Boot and Python/Flask

Kibana Dashboards and Watchers

We take care end-to-end. We will support you from the first step over the whole lifecycle and help you reduce costs by optimizing settings and automatizing operational tasks with the most common CI/CD tools on the market. Here are a few keywords of services that we offer:

Elasticsearch Clusters

  • Architecture Design, Installation, configuration, and maintenance of your Elasticsearch clusters – including upgrades.
  • Review of cluster settings and shard/index management.
  • Design and implementation of Backup- and Recovery strategies.
  • Creation of Index-templates and ILM policies.
  • Optimization of mappings, and analyzers.
  • Implementation of monitoring cluster performance and implementation alerts based on thresholds.
  • Implementation of ingest pipelines and copying data by reindexing.
  • Implementation of cross-cluster communication.
  • Development of search templates, painless scripts, and DSL queries/aggregations.

Data Ingestion with Beats

  • Data Ingestion by implementing and parametrizing various Beats: Metricbeat, Filebeat, Auditbeat, etc.
  • Development of custom metric sets and modules in Go.

Data Ingestion with Logstash

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of your Logstash instance.
  • Defining and maintaining Logstash pipelines
  • Writing Grok patterns for your pipelines

Custom Shippers with Python

If you need a custom shipper, we will write them according to your requirements in Python or any other language.

Kibana Dashboards and Watchers

  • We create dashboards and visualizations in collaboration with your end-users.
  • We customize existing dashboards to your needs – for example, Metricbeat dashboards.
  • We design rich visualizations with Vega
  • For monitoring critical events, we create Elasticsearch watchers

CI/CD Pipelines for your Clusters

  • Fully automated generation of your Elasticsearch configuration based on YAML/JSON config files in Git
  • Building a CI/CD framework that spans every level of your ELK stack and helps you deliver faster, establishes a more resilient service, and saves money by reducing operational costs.

APIs and Endpoints

We create APIs and endpoints for you to acquire new market segments and customers or to standardize the communication between your services.

We have expertise with these popular DevOps tools as well:

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